UMI Performance Stage 2 Handling Kits GBF002-2-R

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UMI’s Stage 2 handling kit includes everything to upgrade and rebuild the suspension on your classic 1978-1988 GM G-Body. The Stage 2 kit includes upper and lower A-Arms with 1/2″ taller upper ball joints, heavy duty UMI sway bars with new end links and greaseable bushings, Bilstein shocks, premium lowering springs, rear tubular upper and lower control arms, replacement rear end housing bushings and heavy duty tubular frame braces. We also include all new Grade 10.9 hardware with locking nuts to complete the installation. This kit will make any classic cruiser feel like a modern day muscle car! UMI’s Stage 2 may be our entry level complete kit but it isn’t entry level performance or entry level quality. Perfect for the weekend warrior looking to go for a back road cruise, perhaps hit the drag strip or even an auto-x. As with all UMI Performance products, this kit is 100% Made In USA. Available in red or black powder coat. Bilstein shocks are yellow/blue.

Spring notes: Springs are intended for the Chevrolet small block engine. Lightweight LS may require trimming. An additional 1/4″ front end drop may occur with a full weight big block. Springs are designed to sit level, however due to varying weights and preferences, occasional trimming may be required.

UMI’s Stage 2 Handling Kit Includes:

  • 3031 – Tubular lower a-arms with polyurethane bushings.
  • 3033-1 – Upper a-arms with Delrin bushings, +1/2″ tall ball joints.
  • 3035 – Heavy duty 1-1/4” front sway bar with new bushings & endlinks.
  • 3034 – Solid 1” heat treated rear sway bar.
  • 3015 – Tubular rear lower control arms with polyurethane bushings.
  • 3016 – Tubular rear upper control arms with polyurethane bushings.
  • 3028 – Tubular frame braces with hardware.
  • 3000 – Replacement rear end housing bushings.
  • 3013 – Front upper & lower Grade 8 hardware kit.
  • 3001 – Rear control arm Grade 8 hardware kit.
  • 3050 or 3051 – 1″ or 2″ lowering springs, 600lb/in front, 130lb/in rear
  • Bilstein shocks.