Roto-Joint Spanner Wrench- Control Arms/Panhard Bar Combination


Due to the variety of products we offer we were unable to produce one Roto-Joint to fit all applications. Using a Roto-Joint too large on smaller applications reduces the articulation of the item. Because of this we offer a smaller Roto-Joint used in our panhard bar applications. In order to adjust both the control arms and panhard bar Roto-Joints a dual ended spanner wrench is needed. 

This spanner wrenched is used for adjusting and disassembling of Roto-Joints used in all UMI Performance control arms and panhard bars. Over time if the delrin race inside the Roto-Joint would wear, the spanner wrench is used to tighten the adjusting ring applying more pressure to the delrin inside. The spanner wrench is also used to disassemble the Roto-Joint for cleaning, inspection and rebuilding. 

UMI’s spanner wrench is CNC machined for exact tolerance and zinc plated for resistance against corrosion. This item is manufactured by UMI Performance. Made in the USA