RideTech/Hyperco Coilover Coil Spring - 2.5" ID / 12" free length


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built in Indiana by HyperCo:


Material: Hypercoils are manufactured from high tensile chrome silicon steel... the highest grade available anywhere in the world.

Design: The high tensile wire used in Hypercoils allows lighter weight and additional travel before the coils bind.

Inspection: Hypercoils undergo 2 separate magnafl ux inspections to eliminate surface imperfections which could lead to early failure.

Manufacturing: The unique combination of state-of-the-art CNC equipment and small town craftsmen who truly care about the product they are producing make Hypercoils the finest coilsprings available anywhere in the world.

Hyperco Spring
Development: The picture to the left shows the quality difference between the Hyperco spring and other brands. Both springs are 12" long and have 300# spring rates... The blue Hyperco spring uses 3 less coils and it uses a smaller diameter wire (.480" vs. .510"). This allows for an additional 1.8" of compression (6.4" vs. 4.6").