Ridetech 2-way Analog Compressor Package

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When air suspension was first introduced to the hotrod market in the mid 90’s the two way control system was the standard method of inflating and deflating the suspension. Very quickly it was learned that during cornering the outside, or loaded, airspring would attempt to transfer air to the inside, or unloaded airspring thereby magnifying body roll issues. This is where air suspension got its reputation for ill handling. Today we recommend [nearly demand] that a 4 way control system be used to control the air suspension. There are several benefits:

1) It cures air transfer problems outlined above.

2) It gives you the ability to level the vehicle. Most cars will require different air pressures from side to side to compensate for extra weight, suspension bind, or to overcome alignment changes as the vehicle is raising or lowering. [ever see a coilover car that didn’t need and extra turn or 2 on one of the coilovers?

3)It raises the vehicle faster because you have 4 orifices flowing air instead of 2.

At this point the only reason to use a 2 way system is if your vehicle has only 2 airsprings.

ARC2000  System Includes:

1- ARC5001 Thomas 327 air compressor
1- ARV2500 Ridepro airvalve assembly
1- CON2500 RidePro control panel (with electrical switches)
1- TANK3100 3 gallon aluminum air tank
2- ARL2000 30 ft. roll of 1/4” DOT airline
1- ARL1000 1/8” airline (25 feet) manifold to gauges
1- WIR1010A RidePro 10 foot extension harness with molded plug
1- PRE1500 150psi pressure switch
1- FIT2150 1/8” npt x ¼” tube for end of nipple
1- FIT7003 2” pipe nipple for compressor
2- FIT4400 1/4” airline tee
4- FIT4201 elbow airline fitting
5- FIT4000 1/4 x 1/4 male straight fitting supply to manifold/ out to airspring
2- FIT2000 1/8npt x 1/8 tube straight fitting manifold to gauge fitting
1- FIT7004 1/4 Hex head pipe plug to plug unused supply port