Detroit Speed Front Speed Kit 2 Suspension Kits 031350-SDS


Suspension Package, Front, Speed Kit 2, Single Adjustabl Coilovers, Sway Bar, GM F/X-Body, Small Block or LS Engine, Kit

Detroit Speed front Speed Kit 2 handling packages are bolt-on components meant to take the guesswork out of upgrading—and improve the overall suspension.

These kits are designed for builders interested in taking their vehicles' performance to a higher level. They include parts to improve handling, ride quality, and caster/camber; and then take everything up a notch by including coilover springs and shocks to adjust ride height. When you want your classic muscle car to perform like a modern-day sports car, install a front Speed Kit 2 handling package and have some fun. Dozens of models and options are available for applications from the 1960s and up.