ACES Master Fuel Delivery Kit - Complete EFI Fuel System, up to 650HP

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ACES EFI’s Master Fuel Delivery Kit is a complete fuel system to provide the proper fuel supply for ACES EFI systems. The system includes an electric fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, 100-micron pre-filter, 10-micron fuel filter, fuel hose, and all the necessary fittings. This system is designed to match the power potential of the Killshot, Royal Flush, Wild Card, Joker EFI, and Deuces Wild systems. Each of these systems are rated at 650 horsepower.

ACES EFI’s Master Fuel Delivery Kit takes the guesswork out of acquiring the correct fuel system components for your ACES-equipped vehicle. The pump is designed to supply the proper fuel pressure and volume for ACES EFI systems.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, ACES EFI’s Master Fuel Delivery kit has everything you need, in an easy-to-install package so you can take your ride to the next level!


ACES Fuel Injection Master Fuel Delivery Kit Features

Complete EFI Fuel System

System Include Fuel Pump, Fuel Pressure Regulator, liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge, 100-Micron Prefilter, 10-Micron Fuel Filter

3/8-inch Fuel Line, and All Needed Fittings

Designed for EFI Applications up 650hp

Designed to work with ACES EFI’s Wild Card, The Joker, Killshot, Royal Flush, and Deuces Wild Systems