67-69 F-Body Pro-Touring 4-link Package

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1967-1968-1969 F-Body Pro-Touring Package - by Suspension Geek 
we work personally with you to select spring rates for the goal of your project

you can add a ton of options to build the perfect protouring car, you can add the tru turn so you can run a fatty 3.5 inch wide rim, oh yes!! and a choice of rear sway bars if you want!! the Ridetech rear bar is great if you have a FAT 335 tire or you can pick the geek bar, actually David Pozzi designed this one years ago and Helwig built it for him I have used one for 10 years it has 3 adjustment holes allowing you to select traction for different tracks! and Finally if you want to squeeze the last 10th out of the car when your slaying the competition at the track, upgrade to the triple adjust shock packages, we offer both the NEW! Viking Triple or the Fox/Ridetech remote canister Triples

  • 1967-1969 Camaro/ Firebird coil over package includes everything you need to completely upgrade your existing suspension
  • Package contains the best from many companies:
  •     Ridetech front upper and lower control-arms
  •     Ridetech tall spindles
  •     Detroit Speed Sway Bar (1.125 thick tubular)
  •     Ridetech rear triangulated 4-Link
  •     Viking Warrior double adjustable coil over shocks (all four corners)

  • Tall spindles will create more negative camber gain to maximize tire contact patch during cornering
  • Double adjustable shocks allow fine tuning with the compression and rebound knobs to improve handling and create a smooth ride
  • High Rate sway bar helps control body lean (1532 lb/in.) 
  • 4-Link replaces the leaf springs to update the ride and handling
  • Tubular control arms create positive caster gain, improves suspension stiffness