1972-1981 GM F-Body Bump Steer Adjuster Kit, Heavy Duty Race

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UMI’s 2660-1 bump steer kit allows adjustment of the outer tie rod height which in turn can help reduce or eliminate toe change during wheel travel. This kit includes a heavy duty 5/8″ bolt and washer kit with a wide adjustment range along with an anodized sleeve and jam nuts. The 2660-1 is recommended for ultra high performance use such as large tire road racing, auto-x and high speed drag racing. This race proven kit helps improve steering precision and feedback. Manufactured and raced with pride out of Philipsburg, PA – USA.


  • Spindle drilling is required to accept 5/8″ adjustment bolt. After drilling, the spindle cannot be returned to factory taper.

  • Bump steer adjustment tools and theory can be found at longacreracing.com


  • Heavy duty 5/8″ bolt recommended for road race and auto-x use.
  • Black anodized aluminum hex tube.
  • Race quality rod ends.
  • Fits stock tie 11/16″ tie rods. No tie rod modifications required.
  • Spacers (6 each 0.125”, 0.1875” and 0.250”) and locking nuts included.
  • Manufactured and raced with pride out of Philipsburg, PA – USA