1970-73 Camaro/Firebird Torque Arm Kit, Flanged Axle

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1970-73 Camaro/Firebird Torque Arm Kit, Flanged Axle 

Part # 91617081F

Solid Axle Rear Suspension Type, Coilover Spring Type

  • This torque are rear suspension kit is specifically designed for the 1970-73 Camaro/Firebird
  • It replaces factory leaf springs with coil-over shocks within a compact design
  • Will fit up to 10" wide wheel and 305/35/19 tires without cutting into body/wheel tub of your F-body
  • Includes an adjustable Panhard bar to control lateral movement and roll center height
  • Engineered to be 100% bolt-in, with no cutting of the vehicle to install

From the factory, your stock 2nd Generation Camaro rear suspension is lacking. Second generation F-body cars are notorious for a poor weight bias - with 58% front weight and 42% rear - you can see just how difficult it can be to overcome this weight unbalance and make one of these cars handle through modern spirited street driving or track duty. A heavy front nose creates a handful of a car when trying to power through corners because of the reduced weight over the rear axle, making it harder to control under power and keep both tires planted to the ground when needed. Our clean-sheet torque arm rear suspension design removes all of these shortcomings from the equation. The 52" torque arm moves the main rear axle pivot point forward - increasing the dynamic load on the rear tires, greatly improving traction and rear axle stability. This makes for a very stout suspension design for high horsepower cars, autocross, and road course cars, and dedicated drag race builds.