1970-1981 GM F-Body Handling Kit, 2" Lowering, Stage 1

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1970-1981 Chevrolet Camaro 
1970-1981 Pontiac Firebird 
(All models)

UMI’s Stage 1 handling kit is the cost effective way to refresh your trusty 2nd Gen and bring the joy back to daily driving. The kit includes 2″ UMI front lowering springs (600 lb/in rate) and rear lowering leafs (175 lb/in) which takes away that floating feeling so common with soft springs.

Bilstein shocks front and rear control body movement and improve response when hitting transitions on your favorite back road.

The 2nd Gen platform responds nicely to the heavy duty 1-1/4″ front sway bar which prevents body roll and makes the car much more fun, and easy, to drive. We also include a new poly shackle and rear isolator kit to refresh that commonly corroded area. The UMI Stage 1 kit is designed to work together properly to offer an enjoyable ride and sporty feel.

This kit is 100% Made In USA and is suitable for daily driving as well as corner carving.

  • Suitable for daily driving and even occasional corner carving.
  • Achieve approx 2″ lowering and a sporty stance with 600 lb/in race quality front springs and 175 lb/in rear leafs.
  • Bilstein shocks control body movement and smooth out bumps and dips.
  • UMI 1-1/4″ sway bar reduces body roll and improves response during corner carving.
  • Includes poly rear shackle and isolator kit.
  • 100% Made In USA.