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Viking 2010-2015 Camaro 5th Gen Coilover conversion (Drag race valving)

$2,005.00 $1,905.00

NEW Viking 5th gen Camaro complete coil over set up Front and Rear!!, with a great drag race valving 

THIS the NEWEST Berserker valving the correct AB valving front and HF IRS rear not the cheaper warrior valved shocks others sell

The kit provides ride height adjustability, in addition to compression and rebound adjustability, all in one convenient package, and includes thrust washers and wrenches...... normally 60 bucks extra!!!

The shocks feature 19 independently adjustable compression and rebound settings for a total of 361 possible valving combinations.

(these AB valved shocks have a firmer compression and a softer rebound then the average Viking kits, and the newest HF valving designed to allow IRS cars to have great weight transfer)
The 2-1/2” diameter springs come with our tested rates ready for street and drag

They are a direct bolt-on and can dramatically increase the performance of your car in a variety of situations.

No tools required to optimize damping for street, strip, - simply click the adjusters by hand.

this kit requires sway bar removal, call if the sway bar is going to be retained, we need to add a shorter spring and the sway bar mount

These kits will be available separately