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2010-2015 Camaro Rear Splined MUSCLEbar



Let's face it... the most overlooked suspension component is also one of the most important. The magic you could be missing in your suspension may be nothing more than simply adding or upgrading your sway bar(s)!

The 5th Gen Camaro MUSCLEbar™ was developed specifically for FE4 Camaro rear suspension and will greatly enhance the cornering performance of your car. We utilize the same splined bar design as most 
racing series use today. Available for stock FE4 lower control arms or RideTech Strong Arms

This kit also includes Posi-Link end links.

  • Improves range of motion & eliminates binding
  • Strong design prevents deformation and failure
  • Positive transfer of motion through swaybar
  • OEM high-performance quality