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1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro CPP 500-Series Quick Ratio Power Steering Gearbox

CPP's 500-series steering box is a 14:1 ratio unit and is a direct bolt in for factory manual / power steering cars. Will require a new rag joint. 

The 500 Series box features:
  • 100% Brand New Parts (nothing rebuilt)
  • No Fabrication NEEDED! (bolts directly to frame rail)
  • 3 1/2" lock to lock - 14.1 ratio
  • 5/8" pressure port and 11/16" return port (flared fittings, same as factory)
  • 3/4"-30 input shaft
  • Utilizes factory power steering pitman arm
  • Superior directional control 
  • Improved road feedback  
  • Increased steering response (CPP Engineered) with recirculating ball gears which provide low friction operation 
  • Open-centered, rotary-type valve  (smooth operation throughout the steering range) 
  • Notice that the mounting bosses are integrated into the casting, eliminating the need for an external bracket. 
This new power steering conversion gearbox is a modern alternative to the popular but outdated 800 box. The 500-Series box provides superior directional control and road feedback, as well as a more stable/comfortable feel for the driver. CPP engineered the recirculating ball gears for low friction and increased steering response. An open centered, rotary type valve provides smooth operation throughout the steering range while retaining excellent road feel. Notice that the mounting bosses are integrated into the casting, eliminating the need for an external bracket. Also, it will line up perfectly to your column without shims or spacers. Other boxes on the market are rebuilt units, while the 500-Series is a brand new box with a new housing, new internals, new gaskets, and new seals. This is the very best gearbox available to convert your Camaro to power steering! Output shaft is 3/4-30, utilizes a factory power steering pitman arm and the box is setup for flared fittings not o-ring. What more could you ask for?

*NOTE: Beware of auctions selling a similar product. We have received several calls from concerned customers that a cheap imitation is being offered on eBay. Only the CPP unit is factory engineered and tested and backed by our guarantee. Ours contain all new parts, and include mounting hardware. Market proven with over 3,000 satisfied customers.