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Viking 1967-1969 1st Gen Camaro Berserker System Ridetech Suspension


Viking 1967-1969 1st Gen Camaro Berserker System

(this kit fits the Ridetech front control arms and rear fourlink)

The Berserker ASMTM is a semi-active suspension technology that effectively eliminates the types of compromises required for passive suspension systems.

ASMTM technology consists of active damper control algorithms and hardware that is a direct bolt-on replacement for passive dampers.

The system adjusts hydraulic oil flow through the damper valve in real time. This allows the damper to lower the damping coefficient instantaneously during on-road use for maximum traction and excellent ride quality. With ASMTM technology, it is like having a chassis engineer in your vehicle adjusting your shocks 1000 times a second for the best ride and handling.

Patented Valve Damping Technology- Provides continuous adjustment of damping rates in real time, compared to a passive damper with a fixed rate. Wide range of variable damping rates - 10:1 min to max range (20-200% critical damped) for superior ride quality and bottoming control Low minimum damping for better shock isolation

Maximum damping is approximately three times the stiffness of an appropriately sized passive shock to better control body movement Adjusts between full-soft and full-stiff in 10 milliseconds

Patented Ride State AwareTM Algorithms– This system monitors vehicle weight, wheel position and chassis movement. It identifies events and adjusts damping accordingly to effectively control harsh bottoming and to limit transmission of energy to the vehicle chassis, resulting in improved vehicle handling and stability.

The system continuously calculates and efficiently utilizes the optimum variable damping rate.

Other features of this system include:

Control algorithms update 1,000 time per second; Allows maximum use of shock travel under all conditions. Prevents harsh “bottoming out” or “topping out”; Automatically compensates for changes in vehicle weight; Significantly reduces shock transmission from severe bumps (i.e. potholes); Adjusts damping to control body roll and pitch (brake, dive); No user input or adjustment required, just select the mode you want (Cruise, Performance or Track).